Today, 2nd March 2017 is marked as the birthday of A Digital Marketing Consultant for Malaysian SME by getting the business logo finalized and the About Digital Marketing Consultant section written up. The knowledge and experiences I gained in setting up the eCommerce brand and activating effective digital marketing in Malaysia online market, especially with limited budget are instrumental to the Malaysian SME in the 20th century.

Our world today has been undergoing too much destruction due to human’s greed. The so-called capitalism system which was believed to be the best system ever invented by mankind is getting more challenges in recent years. The system which was supposed to serve mankind by rewarding all hard-workers better and fairly under a fair market are now being controlled by a bunch of elites, probably just few percent of the world population.

The outcome is that we and our children now have to face serious problems such as pollution, forest exploitation, poverty, corruption, drug addiction and the list goes on.

Thanks to the internet technology we have today, ordinary people who used to be powerless can now combine the forces for the good cause. With the breakthrough in information and data sharing on the internet nowadays, it is not too difficult to be a wise consumer, provided someone is equipped with the intelligence to digest the information independently before taking any action. Digital Marketing Consultant for Malaysia SME is aiming to helping businesses to gain competitive advantage in the online dimension by repackaging and repositioning their offerings to win in the competitive online market, especially the millennials. I’m looking forward to working with SME and start-ups who are socially responsible to fulfill their purposes better and make the world a little bit better.

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