4 Methods to Increase Online Sales in Malaysia besides Giving Away Costly Discount

  • Focus on improving customer experience in the entire purchasing journey from inquiry until payment stage.
  • Receive critics openheartedly. React to comments with integrity and strive for continuous improvements.
  • Showcase confidence in your product. Offer refund policy with crystal clear communication to customer prior to payment.
  • Empower Digital Marketing Technique to target potential customer precisely thus achieving competitive advantage in cost and selling price.

Some facts about Bryan Tan who'd like to share more with you.

  • A 4 years startup entrepreneur who carries a 10 years MNC experiences in front end customer service and marketing. A result proven, self-learned digital marketer who has repackaged a conventional packaging company as a “green company” to tap the online market by purpose driven digital content marketing across multiple channels.
  • 2 times author of the Journal of International Conference in Innovative Business and Entrepreneurship (Bangkok, Thailand) (ICIBE 2016 and 2019) and a keynote speaker of RSUSSH 2019 conference. An invited speaker of The MarTech Summit 2020.
  • Lead the 20-people, 2014 global award-winning call center which manages customer relationship and retains customer loyalty for Intel Products Sdn. Bhd.
  • Business consultant for a emerging ecommerce marketplace founded in Penang.
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